2 workaholics walk into a coffee shop, and Malaysia’s own sleep wellness brand was born.

The two of us had the same problem, we were deprived of quality sleep but we aren’t aware of it since young and it had taken a toll on our bodies. We realised how lack of sleep caused our inefficiencies during work and then we came out with an idea, to help Malaysians sleep better.

KOARA is a Malaysian brand that focuses on the well-being of individuals working tirelessly in the day but got no better sleeping solutions to rest at night. We aim to be a one-stop sleep solutions provider by having ergonomic pillows, sleeping scents, eye masks, lavender sprays, diffuser and essential oil to aid your sleep. We would also provide useful information about sleep and have the vision to assist 15,000 people every year to sleep better, as to understand how quality sleep can lead to them working better during the day and hence, leading a happy life.

The reason we chose KOARA as our brand name is because it means the “Koala Bear” in Japanese and we chose the koala as the brand’s image due to this animal being famously known for getting to sleep 22 out of 24 hours per day which is a luxury to humans. We used the Japanese word of the animal koala bear as during our university days, we often stay up late to finish up assignments daily. In order to make ends meet, we started a fashion brand start up while studying full-time in the university. Hence, we were only left with less than 4 hours of sleep everyday so that both ventures were well covered. We had late nights frequently and often so we came back to a bed with pillows that we didn’t look forward to sleep on, which eventually made us very tired the next day. It has also affected both our health in the long run and primarily our focus during the day.

One fine day, one of our partners was lucky enough to be sponsored by the Japanese Government to visit Japan on a study trip. He went there and felt in love with the people, culture, food, language and the way they sleep. Guess what, that particular week was literally the best week of his life as he had great rest every day. He asked the Japanese companions in that tour and found out they really took good care of their pillows and everything about sleep. After some researches, little did we know that this is the secret behind their longevity. As he excitedly shared with me this piece of good news, we became so enthusiastic to share this with more people as to help them rest and lead a better lifestyle.

Take back your dreams and be active when the sun rises in the east.

It’s time to live life the way you want!



We combine 1 human need that remains unchanged for more than 100 years and one of the best inventions in the last 100 years…

sleep, and the world wide web.

KOARA wants to change the industry standards and practices over the past decade where expensive price tags were all over necessities needed for a good sleep. These companies often overcharge their customers by having luxurious showrooms and the price tags are getting heftier day by day.

In today’s fast paced environment, many of us tend to forget how important sleep is and when we eventually tried to rest adequately, our body simply refused.

so we’re making things easy.

We want to provide useful information about sleep for the workaholics out there via bite-sized contents catered for people who have no time and with low attention span to consume. We truly hope to assist at least 15,000 people every year to sleep better, as to also make them understand how quality sleep can lead to them working better during the day and hence, living a happier life.

no of course we are not forgetting everyone else.

We know some of you out there are not really grinding hard for life, just yet. After spending 8 months of research, we found out there were just simply not a single place to look for all the necessities we need for a good night’s sleep and a ticket for sweet dreams.

Here’s how we can help!

A one-stop sleep solutions provider.

This place will be a place for the all of us to sleep better, rest better, and breathe better.

After all, this is a sleep wellness brand made for humans, by humans.

We understand you best.